More Joy and less hassle!

I know, the main reason you want to do yoga and meditation  its due to the fact that everyone everyone mentions that it allows oneself to find happiness. But the thing is, you quite enjoy having a glass of wine or 2, while also adding some junk food from now and then… I feel you!

Since I was a teenager I’ve struggled to find a balance between these “two worlds” until I discovered Yoga. I understood how to get a joyful, creative and healthy lifestyle without saying goodbye to pleasure. And I can tell you how!

The latest research about happiness has confirmed that meditation, exercise, nutrition and good attitude could improve your overall happiness.  In addition there are some other factors such as healthy relationships and even a genetic susceptibility  (Look at these TED talks later and you’ll see by yourself.)

What if I tell you that my secret recipe to happiness has been a Joyful Yoga Lifestyle!?

I discovered what I call the “Joyful Truth” recently. I was facing the difficulty of setting a healthy routine into my busy life, dealing with motherhood’s hassles and specially holding space for my little weekly pleasures like those delicious golden bubbles. 

Ok, this is the result:



As a yoga teacher, after hours of coaching and therapy I collected several techniques, learning tools and lessons that I use in my day to day life. These tools can help you in many ways:

  •  It increases your tolerance to pain and discomfort
  •  It increases your contentement and your vitality
  •  It enlarges your scope to find someone remarkable, while you’re looking for company or new friends
  •  It helps you set healthy boundaries and trust in yourself

On top of that, I can assure you’ll feel more energetic and even younger with the techniques and the material I’m offering to you right now.

Trust me, people cannot believe I have a 7 years old kid and certainly cannot believe my age. Even my family and friends find me more energetic, strong and confident now.

Now you can have all these benefits here!